The Grove 03/12/2011
The Grove is a go to tourist spot with its relax yet upscale outside atmosphere and trendy clothing stores and eatery. About 3 years ago I worked at a clothing store in The Grove: Marciano which is now changed to Guess by Marciano. It was always a pleasure seeing which celebs, socialites and rich playboys would wonder through these well laid out "streets". Parking is a bit ridiculous, your chooses are to valet or self park in a slightly dangerous twisty parking structure that never has open spots. Be prepared to park on level 7 or the roof! But you can validate your ticket when dining, shopping or going to the movies which gives you 2 free hours. Lovely! The Grove has stores such as (but not limited to): Guess by Marciano, Arden B, Forever 21, Abercrombie and Fitch, Victorias Secret, Coach, Gap, Lucky Jeans, Micheal Kors, MAC, and Nordstroms. It also has a yummy farmers market where you can eat fresh, organic meals or an eclectic arrange of Italian, Greek, Mediterranean, and All American choices for your palate. And dont forget the lovely trolly that guides you throughout the outdoor adventure. The Grove is a wonderful way to spend your time in sunny LA! Enjoy!

The Grove:
189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036
PHONE 323.900.8080



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