Melrose 07/16/2011
It use to be if you were going on a fun day of shopping (both inexpesive and pricey) you could head to Melrose to satisfy whatever retail craving you might have. The streets would be bustling with locals and tourists alike pouring themselves into cafes for an afternoon tea or coffee, boutiques for hand made or designed one of a kind clothes, or restaurants to fuel the rest of their Melrose adventure. But sadly these days it is just not the case. Many shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc have a large CLOSED sign hanging in their entrance forever reminding us of the depressing effects of the bad economy. It looks like an old western ghost town... all thats missing are a couple of tumbleweeds. The store owners seem to be frustrated with their new situation seeing as Melrose use to be the prime location, but now with the escalated graffitti, mutliple CLOSED signs, lack of consumer spending, and new meters infront of their store locations, it is no longer the case. This self proclaimed shopaholic is so teary eyed to see the fall of Melrose, but the silver lining is that there has to be some gnarly clearance sales...


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