208rodeo 03/16/2011
Dont let the name fool you, this is one of the most wonderfully priced and delicious Happy Hour spots Ive been to. In terms of parking there is 2 hour free valet from 10am-6pm and it is only $5 after 6pm- score! It is located literally in the heart of Rodeo Drive and is absolutely stunning. When the sun starts to set the vision of the street lights and wonderfully laid out architecture is breath taking. When I arrived I was greeted by a naturally beautiful, soft spoken woman who kindly asked where I would like to be seated. Since I had just partaken in a long day of (window) shopping I asked to sit outside so I could enjoy the view. Which might I add is stunning my friends, it is located arcoss Tiffanys and overlooks the majestic Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I watched as a blend of tourists and locals made their way through the lovely cobblestone streets glancing at all of the shops laid before them. I felt calm, sophisticated and well taken care of by my gorgeous, funny male server. One look at the Happy Hour menu and I immediately feel in love! Sliders are $3.50, fries are $4 and the most delicious calamari I've had in LA was only $7 (which is a steal if you know anything of this fried delicacy). The rest of the appetizer menu ranged from $4 nuts and olives to $9 sesame prawns. All cocktails and coffee cocktails are $8 and taste like liquid art in your mouth. Their collection offers a perfect blend of fruity, strong and classic to satisfy every taste bud. To round out the menu they offer a variety of $3-$4 beers, $6-$15 wine, $6 well drinks and $7 desserts. In all this is a wonderfully sophisticated Happy Hour experience without having to break the bank. Go and enjoy. Cheers!!
208rodeo: 208 Via Rodeo Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210
 Reservations 310-275-2428