This place was absolutely DELISH!!! While the location might not be the most enviable (literally a quick turn off one of the busiest streets on Highland) with no real room to sit and enjoy your tasty treat in the sunny LA sun it doesn't even matter. I am a sugar junkie and this hit the spot... and more! If you want a mouth orgasm this is a definite GO GO GO!! Don't expect to find anything to save your hips, there are no calorie friendly options but this is a sin you MUST succumb to every now and than. Our resident finder Ashley P got the "peanut butter chocolate cupcake" which was literally just like having a piece of Heaven on Earth. PERFECTION. I divulged into the red velvet cupcake which is one of the best I've had in a long time. Note: definitely be ADVENTUROUS when choosing your treat. Forget the go to, get the bold, new sugar rush- you will not be disappointed. In all I am so going back to try every single flavor. Yum!

Froasted Cupcakery
1200 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038-1207
(323) 467-1080


05/10/2011 20:56

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