Bardot is a hipster loving, fedora and nerd chic glasses wearing VIP lounge located on the side of the tencho junkie club Avalon. For those of you who are vets, it took the place of "Spider Club". The night I went was for a special event for my lovely friend King Ryan (if you are going out, look him up! GREAT man, GREAT promoter he will take care of you). My gorgeous friend Angel and I walked right past the LONG line waiting to get in looking for my friend Bojesse who was working the door. Immediately the bouncer stopped me at the velvet rope and asked if we wanted to come to Bardot, I replied to the sweet man that that was our plans for the night! With a smile he quickly ushered us to my friend BoJesse who quickly ushered us inside. I must admit I was slightly confused after walking past the rope, you can either go straight into an abyss or up the stairs to the left that seem to go on forever. Luckily we made friends with another patron who took us straight to the sweet spot! Once inside we were asked to walk the red carpet, which we did dutifully then went to an interview section. Granted this is not a typical night there seeing as an event was going on, so dont be bummed if there isnt someone rolling out a red carpet for your entrance! LOL.
We got free drinks from the bartender, I got my usual gin and tonic (which was deliciously made! Great mix, not too much of either and got me sufficiently buzzed) and Angel order a diet and rum and I heard no complaints! The music upstairs was perfect! Great mix of hip hop and house/dance that the DJ effortlessly blended into a club goers DREAM. I dont think we ever stopped dancing! Except to drink of course. The boys were a mix of cute hipster and creepy (which is to be expected), mixed crowd in their early 20's to mid 30's. Most of the girls were beautiful but there were some major fashion faux-pas! We will definitely be back because the music was hot, the dance floor was pumpin and the bartenders, door men and all staff were beyond friendly! Definite GO 
1737 North Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 462-1307


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