This place is a good time whether you are gay, straight, bi-curious or just horny! I will say it loud, Im straight and Im proud... to say that I LIVE for The Abbey. The men are too stunning (too bad they want nothing to do with my lady lumps), the fashion is absolutely pouring from every inch of the club and the bartenders know how to pour a smile worthy drink. If you go during the sunlight hours you will realize just how beauitful and sophisticated the decor really is. I have never enjoyed the food but word on the street is it is the business (aka- a definite GO). The music is very gay friendly- duh seeing as it is in the heart of boys town and was even named #1 Gay Club in America. Expect techno, Britney, Lady Gaga, Whitney, BEYONCE and any other sexy, dominate female artist. There is no pretentious line to get in, no cover, the drinks are reasonable, the people are fantastic, the crowd is oozing sex and DJ is just asking for some baby making on the floor. If you are a girl dress as outlandish and free as your hearts desire and expect many compliments from sexy sexy boytoys. If you are a boy do a couple of push ups and head out for the night of your life. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to share some stories in the morning.

The Abbey
692 North Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 289-8410


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