Ok so let me start by saying any club stationed in an outdoor shopping center is probably not the most poppin place to be, this is no exception to the rule. First off they usually like to have many people waiting outside to make the club seem exclusive, busy and the happening place to be (note that most clubs are the same way- waiting is an insult and this place demands people to wait, gross!). Once inside it is a large Avalon-esque sized multi room club that usually plays a good dance mix of top 40 pop and rump shackin hip hop. There isnt much to the decor, its mostly open unadorned space and the tables are positioned in the most inapropriate places. The crowd is a good cultural mix and the men range from random hot to mostly not. The ladies are usually clad in tiny dress or barely there short and sequence tops- dont expect fashion greatness. This club is the typical cash cow "trendy wannabe" elite mutli-club that are all too frequent in LA. The drinks arent crazy expensive but are made to light for my alchie taste. If you are looking for a good place to dance and get lost in the crowd this is the place for you. If you need more from your clubbing experience- stear clear. If you ask me... PASS!

The Highlands:
 6801 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
(tel) 323.461.9800


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