Blvd 3



Let me start by saying the decor in this club is stunning! It is very Hollywood chic and inviting, and you find yourself wanting to hold your martini with a pinkie out. The door men and beautiful ladies with the clipboard are sweet and friendly and the staff all seem pleased enough with their job to smile and answer any questions. Definite plus! The night I went was for a fashion show and the crowd was sexy and diverse. By diverse I mean I meet 3 gorgeous perfectly dressed London fellas, 1 tall, exotic African man, a couple of southern bells and a fiery puerto rican chica. I felt like I was in a commercial for the United Nations... it was beautiful! The DJ was playing very fashion forward deep house low enough to mingle but bumpin enough to dance if the mood struck you. My friend was asked to take a picture with an up and coming artist and we ended up meeting very promising young designers, photographers, models and artists from the impromptu mix. I was slightly under the weather that night so I couldnt drink but the men standing next to us at the catwalk were sufficiently inebriated and the bartender looked sufficiently pleased. Which leaves me to believe the drinks are worth the price! IN all BLVD 3 has a wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, sexy patrons, fun shows and stiff drinks... a definite GO!

6523 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028-7201
(323) 466-2144


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