The Getty Center 07/14/2011
My wonderful boyfriend took me here for our anniversary and it was one of the most fun experiences I have had out here in LA! Admission to this wonderland is free and parking is only $15. Although the location kind of sucks to get to (you have to either get on the 405 or take the side roads so it takes FOREVER because of the dreaded 405 traffic) but once inside it is absolutely stunning. The architecture of this building is beyond breath taking and there is a gorgeous ariel botanical view that you can gaze up from a couple of stories up. The time I went had a Paris "Life and Luxury" Exhibition and if you know anything about me you know I am OBSESSED with all things Parisian.  The history of Parisian fashion, food, art, hierarchy caste system, and lifestyle was such a joy to observe. The colors, the culture, the pure chic atmosphere of all things Paris made me feel like enjoying lunchtime tea in a petticoat with my pinky out! Fabulous! There was also a modern photo gallery of Revolutionary Cuba that was stunning in its honest view of Cuba's culture and lifestyle. Then there was its normal exhibition of ancient Roman art, Greek mythology, sculptures, famous paintings (Van Gogh anyone?), and sprinkling of art and culture throughout the world. It is a perfect place to take a date with its awesome array of multicultural cuisine, wines, beer and spirits, souvenirs of art throughout the ages, and beautiful view of not only the well thought out Getty grounds but of Los Angeles. Its open everyday from 10am- 5:30pm expect on Saturdays where the hours change to 10am-9pm. Ladies bring flats (I wore heels... big mistake) and fellas bring a little extra spending money (your date may want coffee, food, wine or desserts) and have more fun then you thought you could have in an educational venue!!! Definite GO!

The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Let me start by saying I have had many a good time getting to and fro on this cities less than adequate public transportation system. Lets me honest this is no New York in terms of hoping on and off the metro at all hours of the day and it taking you to all corners of the city. BUT it is affordable, and ALWAYS an adventure. Going to clubs (but be warned sometimes it closes at 12am so either be prepared to cab or walk it back home), going to the fashion district (which I will be covering very shortly), or whether youre just taking it for a day adventure (which is always a blast) its the most eco and budget friendly mode of transportation. Get into kiddies!!
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