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Let me start by saying the decor in this club is stunning! It is very Hollywood chic and inviting, and you find yourself wanting to hold your martini with a pinkie out. The door men and beautiful ladies with the clipboard are sweet and friendly and the staff all seem pleased enough with their job to smile and answer any questions. Definite plus! The night I went was for a fashion show and the crowd was sexy and diverse. By diverse I mean I meet 3 gorgeous perfectly dressed London fellas, 1 tall, exotic African man, a couple of southern bells and a fiery puerto rican chica. I felt like I was in a commercial for the United Nations... it was beautiful! The DJ was playing very fashion forward deep house low enough to mingle but bumpin enough to dance if the mood struck you. My friend was asked to take a picture with an up and coming artist and we ended up meeting very promising young designers, photographers, models and artists from the impromptu mix. I was slightly under the weather that night so I couldnt drink but the men standing next to us at the catwalk were sufficiently inebriated and the bartender looked sufficiently pleased. Which leaves me to believe the drinks are worth the price! IN all BLVD 3 has a wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, sexy patrons, fun shows and stiff drinks... a definite GO!

6523 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028-7201
(323) 466-2144
This place is a good time whether you are gay, straight, bi-curious or just horny! I will say it loud, Im straight and Im proud... to say that I LIVE for The Abbey. The men are too stunning (too bad they want nothing to do with my lady lumps), the fashion is absolutely pouring from every inch of the club and the bartenders know how to pour a smile worthy drink. If you go during the sunlight hours you will realize just how beauitful and sophisticated the decor really is. I have never enjoyed the food but word on the street is it is the business (aka- a definite GO). The music is very gay friendly- duh seeing as it is in the heart of boys town and was even named #1 Gay Club in America. Expect techno, Britney, Lady Gaga, Whitney, BEYONCE and any other sexy, dominate female artist. There is no pretentious line to get in, no cover, the drinks are reasonable, the people are fantastic, the crowd is oozing sex and DJ is just asking for some baby making on the floor. If you are a girl dress as outlandish and free as your hearts desire and expect many compliments from sexy sexy boytoys. If you are a boy do a couple of push ups and head out for the night of your life. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to share some stories in the morning.

The Abbey
692 North Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 289-8410
Ok so let me start by saying any club stationed in an outdoor shopping center is probably not the most poppin place to be, this is no exception to the rule. First off they usually like to have many people waiting outside to make the club seem exclusive, busy and the happening place to be (note that most clubs are the same way- waiting is an insult and this place demands people to wait, gross!). Once inside it is a large Avalon-esque sized multi room club that usually plays a good dance mix of top 40 pop and rump shackin hip hop. There isnt much to the decor, its mostly open unadorned space and the tables are positioned in the most inapropriate places. The crowd is a good cultural mix and the men range from random hot to mostly not. The ladies are usually clad in tiny dress or barely there short and sequence tops- dont expect fashion greatness. This club is the typical cash cow "trendy wannabe" elite mutli-club that are all too frequent in LA. The drinks arent crazy expensive but are made to light for my alchie taste. If you are looking for a good place to dance and get lost in the crowd this is the place for you. If you need more from your clubbing experience- stear clear. If you ask me... PASS!

The Highlands:
 6801 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
(tel) 323.461.9800
My first two visit were literally like night and day. I was a bit nervous about the lasting power that Drai's will have after my second visit. However I end up eating my words. Read on readers...

First visit: The crowd was impeccable (insanely gorgeous), the lines to get in were wrapped around the street, there literally was a "list", and you had to be someone or know someone to get inside! The door/rope men were the typical dose of douche bag which is to be expected with the buzz around the Hollywood version of the beloved classic after hours original Drai's in Vegas (which I have done my share of partying till 7am only to do the walk of shame to my hotel, one word- epic). You walk inside to be ushered into a dark, red lit waiting area, to be taken inside an elevator with corner to corner mirrors. You walk out, noticing a sexy "Hollywood" sign reminiscent of the one sitting on the hills, and turn the corner revealing the dance floor lined with bottle service booths, that have an elevated area behind them for intoxicated ladies to dance on. There is a gorgeous pool section with cabanas (PERFECT for spring/summer pool parties) and a VIP area up the stairs were the DJ spins hot booty poppin jams! Did I mention that the bathrooms are absolutely perfect (although the lighting could be better for touch ups). The bottle service girls were on point, the DJ was crackin and I didnt even notice that they took the alcohol away at 2am (the club stays open till 3am). It was wonderful to say the least. The night was a perfect blend of sexy, adventurous, lots of dancing and flirting, and the boys were YUMMY!

Second visit
: there were literally only 10 people waiting outside, the door men seemed bored and abnormally stiff, and once inside I was made aware of the staff's discomfort. The crowd was either old, even more creepy then usual, or acting as if their dresses DIDNT reveal all their down south goodies! I know we women wear very little dresses, but the best keep it sexy classy, not trashy nasty! The bottle service girl was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND (we were forced to continually make our own drinks), the music was horribly mixed (lets find the beat kids) and it was always cut before the that booty shakin good beat drop, and to top it all off I dont think I saw even one gossip worthy boy candy! My friend and I literally left after about an hour and the only reason we stayed that long was because it was her friend's bday celebration. I am saddend to say this seeing as a close friend of mine has a man who works high up in the food chain at Drai's Hollywood but that club could possibly be on its way out! It is limping sadly along, with a broken leg riding on the dreams of what it once was! Its only hope is its usually epic spring/summer pool parties and even then Im hesitant to see what new pitiful hack job is going to happening. So in all I would like to have a moment of silent for the death of this club... you will be missed.

Welcome spring/summer madness!! Drai's is back ontop for being one of the hippest, sexiest, most exclusive night club and day pool party hot spots! Enter gorgeous scantily clad men and woman, fun and flitry bikini bottle service waitresses, HOT DANCE BEATS, delish dishes, sexy go go dancers and great crowd! I dont usually say this but I totally EAT MY WORDS. This spring/summer season proved its staying power and that no one messes with a classic! Go get summer chic before the pool parties end! Loves it.

Drai's Hollywood
6250 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028-5325
(323) 962-111
We forgot to take pics so here is one of us before we left lol




Bardot is a hipster loving, fedora and nerd chic glasses wearing VIP lounge located on the side of the tencho junkie club Avalon. For those of you who are vets, it took the place of "Spider Club". The night I went was for a special event for my lovely friend King Ryan (if you are going out, look him up! GREAT man, GREAT promoter he will take care of you). My gorgeous friend Angel and I walked right past the LONG line waiting to get in looking for my friend Bojesse who was working the door. Immediately the bouncer stopped me at the velvet rope and asked if we wanted to come to Bardot, I replied to the sweet man that that was our plans for the night! With a smile he quickly ushered us to my friend BoJesse who quickly ushered us inside. I must admit I was slightly confused after walking past the rope, you can either go straight into an abyss or up the stairs to the left that seem to go on forever. Luckily we made friends with another patron who took us straight to the sweet spot! Once inside we were asked to walk the red carpet, which we did dutifully then went to an interview section. Granted this is not a typical night there seeing as an event was going on, so dont be bummed if there isnt someone rolling out a red carpet for your entrance! LOL.
We got free drinks from the bartender, I got my usual gin and tonic (which was deliciously made! Great mix, not too much of either and got me sufficiently buzzed) and Angel order a diet and rum and I heard no complaints! The music upstairs was perfect! Great mix of hip hop and house/dance that the DJ effortlessly blended into a club goers DREAM. I dont think we ever stopped dancing! Except to drink of course. The boys were a mix of cute hipster and creepy (which is to be expected), mixed crowd in their early 20's to mid 30's. Most of the girls were beautiful but there were some major fashion faux-pas! We will definitely be back because the music was hot, the dance floor was pumpin and the bartenders, door men and all staff were beyond friendly! Definite GO 
1737 North Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 462-1307



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This is the Hollywood Elite "IT" spot (for now of course) and it is near impossible to get in. You must be either an insanely gorgeous socialite or a rich playboy to walk past these velvet ropes. I came with boys who had pull, a famous dad and most importantly a table w/bottle service. Once ushered inside we were treated like celebrities, allowed to act and play however our drunken hearts desired. The tables are set a step higher then the small dance floor allowing for a great view for all of the potentials dancing below! We were stationed beside the DJ which in this girls opinion is the BEST seat in the house. There are 2 lovely poles positioned directly opposite of the DJ, that entice liquor induced impromptu amateur strip shows!! Fun for all! I'm sure the drinks are insanely high priced and there might be a cover charge to keep in mind. And I feel that you must be warned- this usually well behaving girl even left in a drunken blur! So those less practiced in the art of clubbing beware of the pull of the "let loose the world is yours" atmosphere, it can suck even the classiest of us to a Lohan low! Disclaimer: my last visit to Trous was about 6 or 7 months ago. Could have changed slightly since my last visit.

9229 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069