I had driven past this place numerous times after work without a second glance until one day my hunger got the best of me. Craving sushi and a Sapparo I decided to stop in with my new purchased Vogue magazine and treat myself to a little after work wine and dine. The "parking lot" is very small so if its a busy time or day forgot about close restaurant parking. Fortunately for me it was a rather dead time so I found a spot right upfront and ushered myself inside. The waiting area is basically non existent and the hostess was running around doing other jobs so I stood there for about 5 minutes before she noticed me and ushered me to a booth. Once inside I immediately order a Sapparo and was handed a menu. The menu was like the decor, very sparse and to the point, and the prices ranged from reasonable to spendy. I settled on my favorite spicy tuna roll along with a new adventure the dynamite plate. The dynamite hot appetizer plate was absolutely delicious-  baked seafood and mushroom with a thick creamy sauce and topped with green onions. In all honestly that plate alone would have served as enough to eat, but I was spoiling myself and therefore enjoyed the roll as well. The Spicy tuna was adequate (as to be expected). Nothing spectacular about it, but nothing horrible either. After I had my fill I asked for the check- which was reasonably priced. In all it was a fine experience, I wouldn't rush to go back or have it be my first to recommendation but I would have a second go at it if I was in the neighborhood. Try for yourself... its a go.

Noma: Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
2031 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 453-4848

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