This is the Hollywood Elite "IT" spot (for now of course) and it is near impossible to get in. You must be either an insanely gorgeous socialite or a rich playboy to walk past these velvet ropes. I came with boys who had pull, a famous dad and most importantly a table w/bottle service. Once ushered inside we were treated like celebrities, allowed to act and play however our drunken hearts desired. The tables are set a step higher then the small dance floor allowing for a great view for all of the potentials dancing below! We were stationed beside the DJ which in this girls opinion is the BEST seat in the house. There are 2 lovely poles positioned directly opposite of the DJ, that entice liquor induced impromptu amateur strip shows!! Fun for all! I'm sure the drinks are insanely high priced and there might be a cover charge to keep in mind. And I feel that you must be warned- this usually well behaving girl even left in a drunken blur! So those less practiced in the art of clubbing beware of the pull of the "let loose the world is yours" atmosphere, it can suck even the classiest of us to a Lohan low! Disclaimer: my last visit to Trous was about 6 or 7 months ago. Could have changed slightly since my last visit.

9229 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069