Some brilliant shopaholic somewhere is patting themselves on the back for their idea of this wonderful discounted shoppers dream! If you haven't been downtown at the fashion district yet I want you to immediately get off your tush and run to the nearest train station to take you to this wonderland (after you finish reading this review of course). Lets be honest, if you are looking for high quality, haute couture pieces you are shit outta luck, but if you are looking for fun, eclectic pieces that you can wear over and over in multiple different ways for a reasonable price- look no further. There are blocks and blocks of bargain fashion from bags, to shoes, to dresses, to pants. Again I cannot stress enough that this is NOT I repeat NOT Rodeo Drive, expect an interesting crowd, store owners who are ready to negotiate, and that some pieces may fall apart the day you wear them. But you get what you pay for kiddies. But lets not take away from the greatness of it all, I have bought many skirts, dresses, vests, shoes, and costume jewelry from Downtown that I still pair and wear today. If worn in the right fashion and paired with the right pieces no one will have to know that the fabulous shoes everyone has been DYING over were only $10. Beware the allure of those selling "MAC" make-up or high end perfume- they're fakes. If you wanna still rock it and pay half the price then that of the original by all means rock on, just know you were warned.
Here is a quick list of Downtown shopping need to knows:
1. Dress comfortably- you will be doing LOTS of shopping
2. Bring cash- most places dont take cards
3. Prepare to haggle- they will lower their prices, trust me
4. Broswe before buying- most shops carring the same things, find the cheapest buy
5. Ride that metro baby- easiest way, no parking fee or possible tickets but be prepared to walk
6. If you like a store, take a card- you will probably never find that shop again without some help
7. Plan it out- its open Mon-Sun 10am - 5pm after the stores close LEAVE! It becomes a ghost town...

Happy hunting fellow shopaholics!
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